How Much Value Does A Swimming Pool Add To A House In Cornwall?


If there’s one thing that everyone can agree on, it’s that swimming pools are fun. But whilst your own family might have a whale of a time in a swimming pool, will this large building project add value to your house in Cornwall? Or will it be a damp squib?

Swimming pools can be a beautiful way to add value to your house and garden. They provide entertainment for the entire family and friends, as well as health benefits. Garden parties, barbecues, and other social gatherings benefit from their presence. But they can be costly, and different kinds of swimming pools will have different expenses. So is a swimming pool the best way to increase a home’s value?

How much does a swimming pool cost?

The typical cost of a swimming pool ranges from £60,000 to £150,000. So if you are investing substantially in your home, your house’s value would have to increase its worth by at least that much. Now, in Cornwall’s current housing market, a house’s value increasing by £60,000-£100,000 or more isn’t extraordinary, particularly if the home is in a desirable location. (Think coastal properties, picturesque locations, nearby to good local amenities.)

How much does it cost to maintain a pool?

 It costs roughly 50p per hour to heat an indoor, chemically-cleaned swimming pool. It costs approximately £200 to maintain an indoor, chemically-cleaned swimming pool.

It is important to add all of these costs together when you are working out how much value your house will need to increase, in order to make your build financially profitable.

Do I need planning permission for a swimming pool?

Generally, for an indoor/ outdoor, domestic swimming pool, you will not need planning permission. This is because a pool is generally considered a garden project.

However, you should always verify with your local planning authority, especially if your home or the surrounding region falls into one of the following categories:

Your pool installation company will know more about the planning permission that you require.

What building regulations do I need for a pool?

Outdoor swimming pools usually do not require building regulation approval. The only requirement for outdoor swimming pools is that they do not have warm air surrounding them. If the pool is heated, building regulations do apply. Similarly, any outdoor pool with a permanent structure over it will become an indoor pool, but it will not have to comply with building codes as long as the structure is unheated and unventilated.

If your pool is heated and/ or ventilated then building regulations will apply. There are several environmental standards that you will have to comply with, relating to the heat loss and temperature of the surrounding air and ground. To keep heat from escaping into the earth, the pool’s floor and walls must be insulated. This heat loss should be limited to 0.25W/m2/0C, which is about equivalent to a pool heated to 28°C and the ground at around 10°C.

If your pool is heated (either indoor or outdoor, you will need to work with a specialist pool installer, who will comply with building regulations.

What are the pros of installing a swimming pool?

Aside from your own enjoyment, well-being and entertainment, what are the benefits of installing a swimming pool in your home in Cornwall?

What are the cons of installing a swimming pool?

Whilst a swimming pool seems incredibly dreamy, there are many things to consider before launching into a large expense.

What are the alternatives to a swimming pool?

If some of these ‘cons’ have made you think twice about installing a swimming pool in your Cornish property, then there are alternatives that can offer similar benefits to a pool.

a swimming pool

So is a swimming pool right for my house in Cornwall?

Well, we suggest contacting several pool installation companies to get quotes, (including any planning permission) and then begin to create an annual maintenance budget. Once you have these costs, you can work out how much you will need to sell your house for, if you want to profit financially from installing a swimming pool. Swimming pools are great fun, and there are so many benefits. But it is important to consider all the factors before committing to such a big home-improvement project.


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