Listed Buildings


When doing any construction work within Cornwall and Devon, it is important to not only know if your building is listed but also what that listing entails.

All listed buildings will fall into one of three categories;

Grade l : Grade II* : Grade II

“Around 90% of homes are Grade II listed. Grade I being reserved for buildings of the highest significance.”

So What Does That Mean for Construction Work ?

Having a listed building require building/construction work to be done that falls inline with what is required by Historic England. Generally there are a view major things to be avoided such as

-Using cement mortar instead of lime (or cement render instead of lime render) 

-Repainting the house in a different colour

-Alteration to stair cases

-Poor re-pointing of any brickwork.

-Replacing wooden windows with uPVC

-Replacing cast iron guttering with plastic

Each property is case specific. For example some listed building, properties already have plastic guttering etc.

How do I find out if my property is listed ?

The list is accessed here, simply enter the postcode and all should be revealed.

Our experience with listed buildings ?

Working with listed/conservation buildings is one of our specialities, whether it be using lime plaster, using the appropriate carpentry techniques or using cob blocks we are extensively experienced in all the necessary procedures required by building control.