Bespoke kitchens

Using highly skilled carpenters and slate masons, we are able to create bespoke kitchens, whether this be using oak, pine or even slate workstops, you can be assured that we can create it to your requirements. If you want examples of our work have a look through the gallery or give us a ring on : 0128838126; (Image Left – A bespoke slate worktop created for a renovation job in Bude, Cornwall. The slate was hand engineered to size and desired quality)

Consider a loft conversion

Frequently we are required to convert lofts into viable liveable spaces. This type of renovation work is on the increase as people look to extend their living space without necessarily having the land to do so. Over the years we have down numerous loft conversions throughout Cornwall and Devon and are well versed in the necessary procedures and building regulations required in their undertaking. For more information on our work with loft conversions view here.

(Right – A loft conversion we recently completed in Wadebridge, Cornwall. With there not being enough vertical height for the desired space we replaced the roof, raising it and in-building skylights into it.)

Recent Renovations