Lime rendering

Lime rendering is frequently required over that of cement render in listed buildings by  “environment and planning“. Lime render is a time-tested technique, that immediately gives the property a warm aged feel. Unlike cement render, lime render is breathable allowing the movement of vapour between the joints, reducing the chance of frost damage on the brick work.

We are experienced with lime render, aswell as cement render, and plastering.

To view our work on listed building that the numerous areas of Cornwall and Devon (i.e Launceston, Bude, Liskeard, Truro, Wadebridge Plymouth etc.) have a view of our gallery.

Experinced with Traditional Materials

We specialise in the restoration of listed buildings, using the required materials keeling their integrity intact. Ensuring we comply fully with the requirements of “environment and planning” we have extensive experience in the numerous carpentry, masonry and roofing techniques that are required for listed buildings.

Often it is a requirement when working on listed buildings to ensure the appropriate wood work is restored rather then simply replaced. This was the case with the project we recently finished on a 14th century house near Launceston a photo of which is to the right (to view more of our work visit our projects page).