What is a Building Contractor?


You may have noticed on our site that Hysmark is described as a Cornwall and Devon-based ‘building contractor’. But not every construction company can hold the label of ‘contractor’. So what does a building contractor do, and what are their responsibilities, duties and abilities? 

A contractor works for a client, who might own the land, building or structure. Previous to employing the contractors, the client may have sought advice from architects, a property valuer, solicitors, agents etc… The advice provided by these parties will help to inform the client who the right contractor will be for the job, and what work needs to take place. 

If the client is concerned about planning permission, some building contractors can give advice in applications, though obtaining planning permission is ultimately the landowner’s duty.

Once the client has found reliable building contractors and received a quote to estimate how much money and time the work will take, the contractor will then contract tradesmen and craftsmen to complete the individual projects. 

The contractor is responsible for sourcing, supervising, organising and planning these sub-contracted activities. The contractor will create and manage a schedule to ensure that work is completed on budget and on time. (Though we work very hard to meet our targets, sometimes external factors- such as extreme or unsafe weather conditions- can mean that work is delayed. Contractors will always explain and notify clients if this happens, however. Contractors will also consider these risks and changes as they create the schedule.)

Also amongst the contractors’ duties is the sourcing, hiring or purchasing of materials and equipment, and meeting all of the regulations, health and safety, risk assessments and legalities associated with these materials and equipment.

When work is complete, the contractor will also sign off on all inspections to make certain that the work is sustainable and safe. Your contractor will have discussed with you- prior to starting work- how long they will be liable for their work (within reason). This is usually up to two years. There are penalties for builders who do not ensure that work is safe, legal and compliant with contemporary regulations (including regulations concerning listed or graded buildings). Many modern construction projects now also must meet sustainability and ecological standards and may need to be inspected by those relevant bodies also. The contractor will be responsible for meeting these standards also.

As we are building contractors, we are responsible for handling all of these duties, so you are not liable in any way. Hysmark is a reliable and trustworthy contracting company, with over 35 years of experience. We have long-established relationships with all of our contractors, whose work we admire, trust and promote. We don’t cut corners, and we always complete work to the finest, model standard. Any contractor you hire must place the highest value on safety, quality, sustainability and efficiency, and will take responsibility for all of their work.

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