What is the Federation of Master Builders?


What is the Federation of Master Builders?


If you’ve been scrolling through constructionists websites, trying to find the right builders for your new extension or loft conversion, or trawling through Google looking for those perfect renovators for your listed building, you might have come across the term ‘Federation of Master Builders’ a few times… But what does this organisation do, and what does it mean for you and your building project? Here are some common questions about the FMB…


What does FMB stand for? 


FMB stands for the Federation of Master Builders. The Federation of Master Builders was established in 1941. It is a trade association, which means that the FMB was set up by building businesses, and is funded by building businesses. It is the biggest building trade association in the UK.


What is a trade association?


A trade association will aim to promote the industry and businesses that it represents. For example, a building trade association might advertise and list building businesses, so that customers can easily find the very best, nationally and regionally. Trade associations might also lobby for various industry-related policies, and make sure that the workers in that trade are being looked after. A building association will also educate those who might be thinking about a future career in building, or the general public about the expertise needed to be a Master Builder. Trade associations are often non-profit, and the FMB is no exception. This means that it works for the interests of its members and builders’ customers, and does not seek to make money for shareholders. 


What does the FMB do?


(For builders…)


The FMB exists to offer information, education, guidance and advice, as well as networking and upskilling opportunities to its members. (Members of the FMB will have gone through a rigorous application process.) Because the construction industry can be one that comes with significant workplace risks, and risks for the customer, the FMB also works for progressing the safety, efficiency and constant improvement of building in the UK. You can find out more about their most recent campaigns on Brexit, building material shortages, VAT, coronavirus, licensing and more by clicking here.


The FMB also hosts annual awards, where the very best in building can showcase their projects and skills. The 2021 Awards show is still available to watch on the FMB website, hosted by the one and only Nick Knowles!


On the FMB website, building businesses can also find a supplier directory, which can help to source quality products for construction. 

Crucially, the FMB provides various insurances and warranties for builders.


(For customers…)


The FMB has a directory of its members, all of which are amongst the most skilful, safe, efficient and trustworthy in the UK. As a customer, when you go to their directory or follow up on any of their advertisements, you can be confident in the quality of the work. The FMB only represents businesses that are small-to-medium-sized, so customers can support local, independent building companies. These companies must also treat their construction workers fairly, so customers know that those contracted to work onsite are being well-paid and are well-cared for. On the ‘Find a Builder’ web directory, customers can also look at case studies, to check out previous projects completed by the building business.


The FMB also seeks to promote the trade and educate the public about building, and their homeowner blog provides clear and understandable advice for customers (minus much of the construction jargon!)


Perhaps one of the most important aspects of the FMB’s relationship with customers is their dispute resolution assistance. Building projects can sometimes result in miscommunications or disputes, and so the FMB is registered with the Chartered Trading Standards Institute to provide Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) to FMB members and their clients, [and] to assist in reaching a satisfactory outcome to building disputes.” This is another reason why customers may choose to work with FMB certified builders, as this kind of third-party mediation provides extra peace of mind to those who may be concerned about potential disagreements. 


How can I join the FMB as a building business?


Members of the FMB will be the very best constructionists in the building trade. Becoming a member of the FMB is a symbol of the quality of work that your business guarantees to deliver. The application process can be lengthy and competitive, requiring your company to prove that it is amongst the best in the trade. You can apply online, or by phone, and the process includes online eligibility checks, in-person vetting, inspections and interviews. 


Hysmark and the FMB

We are proud to be members of the FMB since 2014. You can view our profile details and case studies of our previous work on our FMB membership page, or find out more about our past project by looking through our gallery here.