Trade News

13th May 2022

What Is A 'First Fix' In Construction?

If you’ve ever spent time around builders or tradespeople, you might have heard the phrases ‘first fix’ and ‘second ...

30th April 2022

Building Regulations: Updates For June 2022

Building Regulations: What are the changes and how will it impact you?  Well, the good news for our clients and customers is… not too much! ...

2nd February 2022

Construction Jobs in Cornwall: Could the building boom boost Cornwall's economy?

There is no doubt about it: there’s a building boom in Cornwall right now. Here at Hysmark, we’ve been completing construction jobs ...

2nd November 2021

What is the Federation of Master Builders?

What is the Federation of Master Builders?   If you’ve been scrolling through constructionists websites, trying to find the right builders ...