Extension Renovation Bude, Cornwall


Air B n B Extension and Guest Suite In Holsworthy

Hysmark recently completed a medium-sized, four room extension in Bude, Cornwall. This space has a large, open-plan living room, a cosy master bedroom with king-sized bed and a spacious and airy bathroom with a tall ceiling. This extension also contained a good-sized kitchen, with a bespoke set of cupboards, a dishwasher, sink, dining table and chairs, oven and other kitchen amenities. This is a perfect space for an Air B n B, home office and working space, or guest-suite. (This kind of extension would also be perfect for any family moving in, who need a bit of extra room, all to themselves!)

This space was completed for a client who wanted to use the rooms for guests, and asked for an extension that was light, bright, fresh, clean and made use of the high ceilings and beautiful views over Holsworthy’s fields and the sea. We reused the large windows that the client had saved from a previous building, and also installed Veluxe skylights into the roof to bring even more light into the room.

Outside the large patio doors is a stunning view of the Holsworthy hills, rolling all the way down to the sea. Oscar Reeve, landscaper, is currently building and designing a cottage garden to bring the view right to the guest-suite door!

Check out the gallery to find out more about the client’s requirements, and how we made this space a harmonious and tranquil environment for guests to stay in.

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